Founded in Shanghai in 2016, VertebrART is an independent arts organization based in Shanghai and Spain dedicated to curating, producing, and performing international collaborative theatre projects. We have extensive professional experience in theatre production and have worked with artists from all over the world including Germany, Switzerland, Holland, UK, Belgium, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, and many more to create many acclaimed productions. Our productions focus on current global social issues, exploring and presenting different perspectives to audiences.


Furthermore, we also provide a wider international platform for outstanding contemporary theatre productions through international exchanges and referrals. This allows local audiences to be exposed to different kinds of theatre productions, thereby enriching the local theatre environment and promoting international communication. We uphold the spirit of diversity and professionalism to provide a quality two-way platform for theatre productions and audiences from around the world.

In addition, we also organize and conduct arts education activities. We care about the development and future of the theatre industry and systematically organize arts education programs for various groups in society. From theatre professionals, theatre students, theatre lovers, children's groups to the general public, we organize different arts education activities, including international masterclasses, workshops, lectures, talks, and more. Our aim is to share the seeds of art with everyone to raise people's self-awareness and explore their individual artistic potential. We also organize non-profit art events in conjunction with the Just Art Association in Spain.

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We have the genes to explore infinite possibilities;

respecting and integrating different cultural backgrounds;

concerned with the current state of mind and life of people around the world;

concerned about the connection between the past, present and future of humanity;

to produce professional theatre productions for the world.


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